With so much snow in the southeast US this past week we southerners are getting a taste of what it’s like to live up north.  Atlanta and all of north Georgia enjoyed it’s first white Christmas since 1882. Yes, that’s 128 years! Then to top it off we celebrated the second week of 2011 totally shut down with more snow that this Florida girl has ever seen. At our house we had about 7″ and a week later it lingers with a nice sheet of ice giving the landscape a satin sheen.  Our north Georgia mountains roads are still icy in patches so schools continue to be out. This brings our snow days to 6 and we’re still mid-January.  While the kids have enjoyed the week out of school it does come closely on the heels of our Christmas break. The trick will be dealing with how they’ll make up the lost days. Oh well, such as life. We’ve enjoyed the snow but are rather sick of it.  Some have managed to attempt building snowmen but what is created here is less than impressive.  What we lack in experience we make up with excitement.  

Here are a few pics sent to me by my uncle in North Carolina.   While I am unable to properly give credit where credit is due I thought they were worth sharing all the same.  


Finding a Theme

Finding a theme for my blog hasn’t been easy. I find I’m a bit scatter-brained when it comes to defining my thoughts. At one point I’m thinking I’ll write a series of positive news stories and reports. I get so tired of headlines engrossed in murder, natural disasters or the political blame game. It’s all so doom and gloom and frankly, depressing. If one was leaning toward depression watching such a newscast would certainly send them over the edge. I figured it was time to hear something heart-warming and uplifting. Wouldn’t that be a nice change? I hope to find such stories and share them in my blog.
Another theme that came to mind is to share some of my own observations of life in general. Some may be comical and entertaining while others more thought-provoking. I have always been curious about why people do the things they do. For instance, why do the biggest fashion offenders shop at Wal-Mart? I guess what I’m saying is that I am a people watcher and notice things so will most probably write about them.

Lastly, I have a tendency to get on my soapbox from time to time. I may rant about some injustice or rave about something I’ve discovered. I can be very passionate about certain subjects and often make my viewpoints known. I realize not everyone agrees with me and that’s ok. I respect that and in return ask that my points of view be respected as well. I am a Bible-believing Christian and a bit on the conservative side which for some is already a strike against me. I do not hate or condemn those with opposing viewpoints nor do I plan on starting. I consider myself very compassionate and understanding of which I hope my blog will convey.

Where to Begin…

I set up this blog almost a year ago with the intention of expressing thoughts, ideas and possible stories but somewhere along the way I got lost. I had honestly forgotten about it until recently when I scrolled down my list of favorites.  As I clicked on the link I struggled to remember my screen name or password but if finally came to me.  I figured it’d do no good to get the username or password sent to my email as I’m not even sure what email address I used when I set it up.   I’m sure I created one solely for this blog and have no idea what it may be. As one that takes notes, I’m sure I wrote it down somewhere but that presents a new set of issues best left for another post. The sad thing is that once I was able to get to the dashboard the realization hit me that I had yet to post anything beyond a simple introduction. Typical.  I am bad about starting something and not following through. It makes me crazy and drives my family up the wall. I begin something with the best of intentions then I allow something to get in the way.  Notice I said “I allow?”  Of course, when it comes down to it I am the one responsible for following through even when it’s something I claim to want.  Needless to say I have a tendency to procrastinate.  I hate that about myself. I am easily distracted which doesn’t help either. So what’s the cure for procrastination? New year, new beginnings so in the words of Nike, “JUST DO IT!”

Why I’m Here

It is my hope or should I say ambition to use this blog to express what I rarely feel I am able to say in a manner I would like. I do not often possess the boldness or fortitude to stand on my soapbox and throw caution to the wind whilst speaking my mind. I lend toward the more reserved and quiet, always watching, taking mental notes and thinking. The few times I have spoken up someone has chosen to be offended or insulted.  I have tried in vain to be considerate and guard my words carefully but despite my diligence at avoiding offense there are those that insist on being offended. I am a sensitive soul and never one to purposely offend or insult. Personality wise, I am a peacemaker avoiding conflict more often that not. But  I am entitled to my own opinions and will speak them from time to time even if they are in contrast with the world at large. I’ve never been accused of being politically correct as so much of my ideals are conservative in nature. I am a Christian and make no apologies for it. But I am also tolerant of others beliefs.  I try not to cram my faith down the throats of anyone.    I am not a fanatic nor a Bible thumper but I do base my morals and values on what God’s Word says and not what the world says is right and wrong.   One thing I do try to practice is forgiveness and understanding. There is enough condemnation in this world without me adding to it.  But there is a difference between condemning the person and their behavior. This is probably one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in recent years. It gives me insight on understanding God’s love for us, a fallen creation yet despising our sinful and wrong actions.  We’ve heard the saying, “separate the sin from the sinner.” This explains it all. 

I remember many years ago when my daughter was very young, 18 months or so, she had hit another child in anger.  Quickly, my mother standing by exclaimed in a harsh tone, “you’re a bad girl, good girls don’t hit!”  I must admit I was shocked at her attack.  I quickly responded, “no, she did a bad thing. She is NOT a bad girl!”  Thinking about it still angers me to think that this was and still is a typical response of parents for generations.  I recently witnessed a very young mother (16 maybe?) tell a small baby that he was evil because he was slapping at her face with his hands. The child’s body language and facial expression were of playfulness, not anger yet this too young mother was harsh and almost hateful. The child could not have been but 9 months or so. I wonder the emotional scars he will have as an adult if the harsh criticism continues throughout his life.  Today, I make a conscious effort to separate a person from their behavior.  I may not always communicate it well but I certainly try.