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With so much snow in the southeast US this past week we southerners are getting a taste of what it’s like to live up north.  Atlanta and all of north Georgia enjoyed it’s first white Christmas since 1882. Yes, that’s 128 years! Then to top it off we celebrated the second week of 2011 totally shut down with more snow that this Florida girl has ever seen. At our house we had about 7″ and a week later it lingers with a nice sheet of ice giving the landscape a satin sheen.  Our north Georgia mountains roads are still icy in patches so schools continue to be out. This brings our snow days to 6 and we’re still mid-January.  While the kids have enjoyed the week out of school it does come closely on the heels of our Christmas break. The trick will be dealing with how they’ll make up the lost days. Oh well, such as life. We’ve enjoyed the snow but are rather sick of it.  Some have managed to attempt building snowmen but what is created here is less than impressive.  What we lack in experience we make up with excitement.  

Here are a few pics sent to me by my uncle in North Carolina.   While I am unable to properly give credit where credit is due I thought they were worth sharing all the same.  


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